My Action Plan for College

Helping students and families to create a personalized action plan for college.

  • My Action Plan for College provides informed, independent advice to students and their families.  We empower students to design and implement their own "Personalized Action Plan."  We maintain a student-centered focus that effectively addresses the needs of each learner.  Support features include: academic readiness, guidance about course selection, developing a suitable list of prospective colleges, test-preparation sessions, application support for both admissions and financial aid opportunities.  We also offer workshops covering many pertinent educational topics.

  • "Scholar Support" includes all of the features of a personalized action plan, through a combination of online and phone support.  This option is open to students nationwide and worldwide.

  • Please contact us today to learn more!  (508) 631-0936

  • Test-preparation @ Work Station, 132 Chief Justice Cushing Highway, Cohasset: 
  • Saturday, January 27 from 9:00 to 11:30 a.m.
  • Tuesday, January 30 from 6:15 to 8:45 p.m.

Enrollment Opportunities, as of 1.16.2018
Class of 2019  "Personalized Action Plan" = 2 spots remain
Class of 2019  "Scholar Support" = 8 spots remain

Class of 2020  "Personalized Action Plan" = 5 spots remain
Class of 2020  "Scholar Support" = 10 spots remain

Class of 2021  "Personalized Action Plan" = 7 spots remain
Class of 2021  "Scholar Support" = 12 spots remain

Class of 2022  "Personalized Action Plan" = 9 spots remain
Class of 2022  "Scholar Support" = 12 spots remain

  • We also offer custom-designed packages for schools and school districts that wish to collaborate toward a common goal of increasing college awareness among their students and families.  We possess extensive knowledge about a wide variety of colleges, and we have a proven track record of experience working with first-generation college applicants.

Ernest Minelli, Founder, My Action Plan for College

B.A., magna cum laude, History, Harvard College, 1995
M.A., Educational Administration and Policy Analysis, Stanford University, 2000
22-Year Educator with extensive experience teaching and counseling students

We gladly provide a free initial consultation for students and families.